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Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale:
Our Story

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We are a family of 5 living on our ranch in the beautiful hills of Tennessee. We grew up in a big city, but in 2017 we started yearning for more space to raise our 3 boys, so they can play and explore. We ended up purchasing a farm we call our little piece of heaven. Since then my suit wearing, corporate world husband traded his high stress/high demand career for the ranch life we have come to love. We added a cabin, tractor, corral, and 50 head of cattle that we enjoy watching grow. I tend to fall in love with every animal I see, so I have made some new best friends and the cattle love me back (I call them my kitty-cows, LOL).

Speaking of falling in love with animals, Santa brought us two Goldendoodles for Christmas in 2018, and we fell hard and fast for Goldie and Winnie! We learned firsthand what all the hype is about! They are the sweetest, most loving dogs and oh so smart. They are very intuitive and make even the worst day better with their kisses, snuggles, and hilarious antics.
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Our boys on the fence

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We decided we wanted to share the delight of loving a doodle with other families. We started researching, reading, and doing our homework so we could create a top-tier program for offering goldendoodle puppies for sale that always puts our dogs’ health and happiness first. We completed genetic DNA health testing and use special training techniques so we can offer the best and most beautiful micro, petite, and mini Goldendoodles with amazing temperaments.

Dolly playing with C and W

Our dedication isn’t just to our goldendoodle puppies. We love our dogs, and we love our customers. We are honored to walk beside you as you add some doodle love to your home. We will remain available before, during, and after to answer questions and provide any support you may need.

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