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Learn About Our Goldendoodles who have Grown Up to be Amazing Service Dogs

One of our greatest pleasures is having the honor of providing service dogs to families with specific needs. This is an opportunity that is such an exciting and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Goldendoodles are a natural fit for special needs where their gentle, intuitive natures can shine, and their high level of intelligence takes to training easily. The Puppy Culture curriculum we use to raise them is a perfect start for service animals, as it prepares them to meet new and different experiences in stride.

We are excited to share a few of our service dog’s stories with you here, and we look forward to many more needs met in the future!

Charlie, a therapy dog in a medical practice


Our very first service dog Charlie works with his human mom in her medical practice. He makes his rounds as a therapy dog, visiting patients and settling nerves. He provides a warm heart and a sweet kiss to anyone who needs a reason to smile. He sometimes can be found sleeping on the job!

Griff, an emotional support animal for a mom in chronic pain


Griff is an Emotional Support Animal for his mom. She has chronic pain and this can cause an array of other issues, which Griff helps ward off and soothe when things get difficult. He provides a wealth of comfort and positive vibes!

Finnegan, a mobility service dog and emotional support animal


Finnegan is a rockstar Mobility service dog and Emotional Support Animal to his mom. He not only provides physical stability for her balance and joint disorder, but also is trained to detect anxiety behaviors and panic attacks before they start. He alerts her to stop unwanted habits stemming from anxiety, and accompanies her to her college classes, while running errands, and everything else she does – they do together, including kayaking!

Willow, an emotional support animal for a family with an autistic son


Willow is an Emotional Support Animal and close confidant to a 9-year old child with multiple diagnoses. Willow accompanies her to her therapy appointments and is her safe place wherever she is when she needs a little extra support. This family was a very meaningful placement for us as they had experienced two failed attempts elsewhere, and we have been so happy to have helped them find happy success.

Maggie, an Emotional Support Animal for a family with an autistic son


Maggie is an Emotional Support Animal for a family with an autistic son. She provides a non-judgmental, non-threatening consistency for him and has even produced more smiles and expressions of happy emotions than they have seen from their son in the past, which makes us thrilled for them all!

Puppies in Preparation to be service animals…

We are currently preparing one of Goldie’s puppies to be a support animal of various aspects to her dad. He has diabetes and is expected to be blind within a couple of years. She will provide close and loyal companionship for him to help him not feel alone, and can be trained to help with basic daily needs as they see fit. They will be the best of friends, no doubt!

We will be preparing one of Dolly’s upcoming puppies to be a therapy dog in a child advocacy center. She will work each week closely with children being interviewed by counselors and law enforcement concerning abuse they have experienced. We are so honored to provide big comfort to the precious children the puppy will help. What a wonderful opportunity this is to offer such love and support in a scary and intimidating situation. This is a special one for us for sure!