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Doodle 101

FaceTime Helps When Selecting Puppies

Puppy Potty Training Tips

Rainbow of Puppies

Fun Facts About Newborn Puppies

Watch Out for Scammers

In under 30 seconds, learn tips to avoid getting fooled by scammers pretending to sell puppies.

Know Your Puppy Colors

Learn what the different goldendoodle color names mean (solid, abstract, tuxedo, parti).

Tips for Picking a Fur Baby

Learn what’s important to know when you are adding a fur baby to your family.

Learn About Puppy Sizes

Learn about the sizes of goldendoodles (micro mini, petite, and mini) and how large they will grow.

At Your Service

At Your Service

One of our greatest pleasures is having the honor of providing service dogs to families with specific needs. We are excited to share a few of our service dog’s stories with you here…

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Living Teddy Bears

Living Teddy Bears

The Therapeutic Value of a Dog
Dogs make us happy, but did you know that basic statement is backed up by decades of actual scientific evidence? Countless studies conducted by universities and the medical community cite finding after finding that back up the science behind the happy.

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