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Meet the Parents


Dolly’s Bio

  • F1b Mini Goldendoodle
  • 28 lbs
  • Red, curly coat
  • Genetically health tested and clear

Dolly is a sweet little girl with a great big personality. She loves everyone she meets. (The feeling is always mutual!)

She loves all things soft and cuddly and never runs out of kisses!

Dolly’s Previous Puppies

Birdie’s Bio

  • F1b Mini Goldendoodle
  • 30 lbs
  • Champagne; soft curls
  • Genetically health tested and clear

Birdie is pure love and sweetness. She has a heart of gold and is very mild-mannered and calm. She is a natural people-pleaser and makes excellent life choices including not joining in on the occasional naughty endeavors of the other dogs!

Birdie’s Previous Puppies

Barbie’s Bio

  • F1b Micro Mini Goldendoodle
  • 12 lbs
  • Red and White Tuxedo Coat, soft waves
  • Genetically health tested and clear

Barbie is pure perfection! She is adorable, smart, loving, and fun. She’s always the favorite therapy dog where she volunteers, and she never meets a stranger.

Barbie’s Previous Puppies

Scarlett’s Bio

  • F1b Mini Goldendoodle
  • 20 lbs
  • Deep red, curly coat
  • Genetically health tested and clear

Scarlett is stunning! Everyone that meets her always wants to run their fingers through her hair.

She is our little princess with a royal, calm demeanor. She loves to snuggle in close, play chase, and swimming.

She also enjoys “helping” to load the dishwasher each day!

Scarlett’s Previous Puppies

Gigi’s Bio

  • Multi-generational Mini Goldendoodle
  • 18 lbs
  • Chocolate and White Parti Coat
  • Genetically health tested and clear

Gigi is a major sweetheart. She can run as fast as lightning but is always ready to be held and loved on. She is very intuitive and it seems that her eyes look into your soul. Her goofy grin makes everyone feel happy to be with her.

Gigi’s Previous Puppies

Belle’s Bio

  • AKC Miniature Poodle
  • 28 lbs
  • Red and White Parti coat, soft loose curls
  • Genetically health tested and clear

Belle is highly intelligent, and has a super sweet and calm demeanor. She enjoys going on walks and doing her therapy dog work. She is the perfect mix of elegance and fun.

Belle’s Previous Puppies

Angel’s Bio

  • F1b Mini Goldendoodle
  • 25 lbs
  • Red and White Parti coat; soft curls
  • Genetically health-tested and clear

Angel has a super fun personality; always ready to do whatever you feel like doing! She has excellent eye contact and is a great listener. She loves our family more than anything in the world.

Angel’s Previous Puppies

Rose’s Bio

  • Multi-generational Micro Mini Goldendoodle
  • 10 lbs
  • Red Coat
  • Genetically health tested and clear

Rose is a happy little girl…always full of joy and sweetness! She is so smart, curious, and her favorite activity is joining whoever is sitting in the recliner! Her beautiful red curls shine like fire in the sunlight.

Rose’s Previous Puppies


Dallas, one of our Daddy GoldenDoodles

Dallas’s Bio

  • Miniature Parti Poodle
  • 18 lbs
  • Genetically health tested and clear

Dallas is a sweet, happy, and playful little guy. He has great focus when you talk to him and loves learning new things, as he is very intelligent.

Peyton’s Bio

  • Miniature Parti Poodle
  • 12 lbs
  • Genetically health tested and clear

Peyton is a loving cuddlebug! His beautiful green eyes steal your heart and he is as soft as a cotton ball. Peyton loves running and playing, and especially loves his naps.

Flash Bio

  • Miniature Poodle
  • 11 lbs
  • Genetically health tested and clear
  • Multiple champions in his pedigree

Flash is a very smart and friendly, sweet boy. He is so intuitive and follows Amy around everywhere she goes. He loves children, playing fetch, and is as patient as the day is long.